Our Business

Research, marketing and effective responses

Research and development

Innovation is at the heart of the company

The Research and Development Division is the heart of the company, which invests significant resources in innovation to develop new pharmaceutical products and new formulations with high technological content.

The Company also offers to its partners the following services:

  • development of new formulations;
  • development and validation of analytical and microbiological methods; stability studies according to the ICH Guidelines;
  • dossiers and technical documentation in CTD format;
  • process validations.

Products marketing

Growing in new markets is one of the company’s main goals

The development and marketing of its own products is the core business of Magis. The products are currently marketed or under registration procedure in 30 countries worldwide through licensing and distribution agreements with qualified pharmaceutical local partners.

The Business Development Division is constantly active in research and identification of new business opportunities involving new licensees or distributors for the products of its areas of interest.

The goal of Magis is to expand the number of Countries where the products are registered and marketed.

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