The quality that makes the difference

The Company’s mission is to provide high quality products, which combine the therapeutic efficacy to the maximum safety and compliance with European certification and quality standards, to ensure customer satisfaction.

The excellence is pursued in all the activities that the company performs, and concerns all the actors differently involved in the development stages, formulation, production and distribution of pharmaceutical products.

This goal is realized through constant investments in research and innovation, training of employees and consultants, and a network of agents and pharmaceutical representatives who are available to offer a punctual service to health care professionals.

The result is a wide range of pharmaceutical products, which includes innovative medicines with original active ingredients and formulations, medical devices, supplements and cosmetics with the aim to handle the most common diseases in the different therapeutic areas and improve the quality of life.


European quality

Established in 1959, Magis was acquired in 1981 by Moroni family, who since then manages the activities in synergy with that of Aesculapius Farmaceutici Srl.

After the acquisition, the pharmaceutical production was moved to the plant owned by Moroni’s to merge, starting from the following year, with the plant built at the headquarter in Brescia.

Since then, the plant has undergone continuous and progressive expansion that led to the creation of new areas of production, innovative services and a R&D laboratory to meet the growing quality standards and increased production requirements.

For the production of its own products, Magis collaborates with top class facilities having certifications according to GMP and/or UNI ISO regulations, which ensure excellent quality levels.

The Regulatory Affairs Department is responsible for the management of activities aimed to obtain Marketing Authorizations and to their maintenance, both in Europe and worldwide. Even expertise in food supplements, cosmetics and medical devices are included in the regulatory affairs framework.

As regards management of pharmacovigilance activities, Magis has an external provider that guarantees the fulfillment of the current legal requirements and the exchange of international information on the safety of authorized medicinal products.

The company’s expansion is pursued through research and the consolidation of business partnerships with pharmaceutical companies operating in the different therapeutic areas.

The pharmaceutical products of Magis are developed and manufactured in Italy according to the international pharmaceutical qualitative standards (GMPs) and the Pharmacopoeias (EP, BP, USP, JP), in order to ensure the highest safety and therapeutic reliability.

The Company operates in compliance with an integrated quality management system that allow to control all stages of the process, from the selection of suppliers to the efficiency of the entire production, so that the finished products comply with the set requirements.

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